COGS Calculator
Food manufacturers must fully understand their Cost of Goods Sold (or COGS) in order to begin to consider how to profit from their product. The FoodBizStartup COGS Calculator is intended to help with "what if" questions when choosing among alternative ingredients, labor, and packaging options.

Measurement Amount Calculator
Recipe measurements are often expressed in volume measurements, but scale-up in a product formulation as well as ingredient pricing are given in mass measurements.
GourmetSleuth.com has a great calculator to help begin to convert volume measurements  to mass measurements. We suggest that Metric units (grams or kilograms) be used in your formulation work.

MSRP Calculator
Food manufacturer's need to make a reasonable margin on the Cost of Goods Sold as do each of the distribution chain players who markup the cost of the goods they purchase. The FoodBizStartup Product Pricing Calculator is intended to help in determine pricing based on targeted margins for each of the players in the distribution chain.

Markup vs Margin Calculator
Markup is not the same as Margin, one is based on purchase cost the other on sales price. The FoodBizStartup Markup vs. Margin Calculator is intended to help you to understand how to make the various calculations.

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